Meet Jess

Lovely Little Things is my creative outlet - a space for all of my thoughts + ideas to live. Our lives are extremely busy. I want LLT to be a hub where we can all come together to feel inspired + refreshed + encouraged 🤗  My mission is to empower women to do just that: slow down and savor life's lovely little things while being present in each moment.

I call Tampa, Florida home...I love my city! I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart, Adam, a dog mama to 2 sweet pits, Buck + Harley, and a NASM personal trainer turned SLP graduate student.

I'm currently working on a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Florida State. My goal is to be a speech-language pathologist who does animal assisted therapy in a pediatric setting. I'm extremely passionate about spreading awareness about communication disorders...I feel so blessed to be in such an honorable field of work. I currently work as a part-time SLP Assistant in a school setting and it fills my heart up! I genuinely love what I do and I feel like I was called to do it.

I'm a health and wellness enthusiast who is always on the hunt for healthy snacks/fun workouts to fuel my body. I'm also really into reading self-development books + listening to uplifting podcasts to fuel my mind. Happy life = healthy mind + body + spirit!

I'm constantly redecorating rooms in my house to make them as cozy as possible. We're actually moving in February (#firsttimehomebuyers) and I am SO PUMPED to decorate all the things! I'm a hand letterer + Silhouette crafter. I can never drink just one cup of coffee. I write in my journal almost every day (nothing beats pen and paper). And I'm known for compulsively organizing everything (my friends say, "There are type-A people and then there's you...").

Enthusiastic lover of:

Jesus, dogs, planners, sunflowers, almond milk lattes, tattoos, weightlifting, collecting cute coffee mugs, reading, crafting, list making, cozy spaces, country concerts (and tailgating of course), practicing my hand lettering, and spending time outside

Thanks for stopping by :) I hope you are encouraged to slow down and savor life's lovely little things!

xo, Jess

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