Chit Chat + Updates: WE'RE BUYING A HOUSE!

Hellooooo my long lost blog friends!

If you still read this little corner of the Internet, imagine me reaching through the screen to give you a high 5 right now 🖐🏼

My life has been CUH-RAZY to say the least and I put this little blog of mine on the back burner. But in true Jessica fashion, I have been yearning to bring this space back to life again. I figured I would start by catching you up on what's been happening since my last post back in June (...yikes). I got this idea from my old blog friend, Kathleen!

If you take a peek up in the header, there is a spot called "POST CATEGORIES" in the nav bar where you can see the types of things I want to blog about after this post! Okay grab some coffee (or wine...or both) and let's do this:


- My husband and I went on the most magical trip to California. We spent time in San Fransisco, Yosemite, and Sonoma. We LOVED everything about California and we're already planning when we can go back. It was our first REAL vacation together!

- I started a YouTube channel, speech blog, TpT Store, and speech Instagram account. I LOVE the teacher community on social media, y'all!


- I started graduate school at Florida State University for Speech-Language Pathology! I have quite awhile before I graduate, but I'm so happy with my decision to go with a part-time, distance SLP program, because I can work simultaneously. 

- I also started a new job as a special needs P.E. teacher. This was SUPER scary for me but turns out I LOVE working with the kiddos. I work at a 1-12 special needs private school.


- I spent a lot of time crying in September, lol. But really most of my time was spent writing papers for grad school. And chugging almond milk lattes.

- I did get to meet my bestie's new baby boy AND go to my boss' baby shower this month.


- I changed positions at my school from the P.E. teacher to the SLPA (speech-language pathology assistant) AND OH MY HEART. Y'all, this field. I was made for it. I love it so much and I really do feel like I was called to do it! I share all of my speechie antics on my YouTube channel and on my speech Instagram!

- I helped throw a bridal shower for one of my sweet friends who is getting married in January.

- My husband and I dressed up as Woody + Jessie from Toy Story and won best costume at a Halloween party!


- Another month that was dedicated mostly writing papers for grad school, but I did really step up my TpT game this month!

- We also decorated for Christmas SUPER early this year because we thought we were going to be moving January 1 and I wanted to enjoy the decor for as long as possible!


- I opened an Etsy shop where I sell custom tote bags.

- I finished my first semester of grad school (PRAISE THE LAWD).

- We decided that we were tired of renting and that we are ready to be HOME OWNERS!

- We celebrated one of the best Christmases ever with our families. We were ridiculously spoiled. Like ridiculously.

- I started getting into essential oils and I am LOVING them!

January (so far)

- I chose the word INTENTIONAL to represent my year. I want to be intentional with my time, words, energy, money, and actions this year.

- I started my second semester of grad school.

- We put in an offer on a home that was accepted! We are in the inspection process now and we are scheduled to close February 5th! AH! Please be ready for ALLLLLL of the home decor posts.

- I retired my fitness business, Glisten Fit.

Most recent vlog:

Okay now you're all caught up! I'm going to try to blog over here once a week or so - but I'm not committing to anything because that's when it starts to overwhelm me. I will definitely make sure to upload my weekly vlog here in case you're not subscribed on YouTube.

How is your 2018 going so far?! I miss chatting with y'all!

xo, Jess

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