2 Uplifting Podcasts I'm Loving

Hi friends!

I hope your week is off to a stellar start! My second semester of grad school is in F U L L swing and we are packing our lives away every night in preparation for our upcoming move. Lots going on but I am so incredibly happy!

A little backstory for today's post: I currently drive 1+ hour(s) to work. That's one way. So I spend A LOT of time behind the wheel. I like listening to music but sometimes I just want something a little more "meaty" to listen to when I'm in the car for that long. Enter:

I really appreciate a good podcast but for some reason it's tough for me to actually find ones that I keep listening to for more than a few episodes. Well there are 2 podcasts that I have been listening to nonstop during my commute and I wanted to share them with y'all!

The first one is:

My boss actually told me about this one! I really love the guests that Jen has on and I think that's why I keep listening. Jen's personality is so genuine + wise. My favorite episodes that I've listened to so far are:
  • Emily Ley: Creating Space for Joy with Simplified Living
  • Glennon Doyle: Finding Beauty in the Mess

This podcast feels like I am just sitting around drinking coffee with girlfriends. Every episode is packed with so much wisdom and I constantly find myself jotting things down in my "Notes" app while listening!

The second one is:

Jenna has such a bubbly personality and I really enjoy her solo episodes (I do like her guest ones, too, though). I always learn SO much about running an online business. She gives LEGIT helpful info, not just the "post good quality content" advice (#DUH). This podcast is "live workshop style" and I really can't pick one or two favorite episodes because they're all amazing!

So those are my current go-to podcasts. Are you a podcast lover? What is your current favorite?

xo, Jess


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