Limit Your Input to Maximize Your Output

Hi friends! This past weekend left my heart feeling so FULL and I'm so grateful :) Friday was a girls' beach day, Saturday I test drove my dream car (more on that later!) + went to a slip -n- slide party, and Sunday I loved on the mommas in my life + met a social media friend in real life for coffee.

I spent so much GOOD quality time with friends and family. By that I mean I was really present in each moment which is something I typically struggle with.

I was listening to Lewis Howes' podcast last week and I heard something that struck me. It was something along the lines of, "Limit your input to maximize your output."
YES. It was exactly what I needed to hear and I didn't even know it. What does it mean? Lessen what you're taking in (i.e. mindless social media scrolling in my case) to make the most of what you're putting out. 

I find myself spending SO much of my time mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and watching tons of YouTube videos/Instagram stories. I've thought about tallying up how much time I spend on social media per day, but to be honest, I was too afraid about what I would find out. All of that time that I spend scrolling (aka the input) can take away from the quality of my real life relationships and what I'm creating to put out into the world (aka the output).

Over the last few days, I've made it a priority to limit my social media scrolling. Do I still partake? Of course...I love a beautiful Instagram feed and I truly do enjoy keeping up with my blogger friends via the gram. But instead of picking up my phone to scroll if I have an extra 5 minutes to kill, I'm trying to set specific times to check my social feeds. That way I don't catch myself scrolling while doing things like eating or sitting at a red light for 30 seconds, for example. There is no need for me to be scrolling through Instagram while I'm trying to enjoy a meal, you know? It's so important to give your mind time to freely rest and wander without constantly flooding it with input. Give your mind freedom to go where it wants and tap into some creativity sometimes. Don't stifle it with endless scrolling all the time.

So really think about all of the things that you're letting in - because it really does affect what you put out. 

xo, Jess

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