Give Yourself Permission to Take Self-Care Seriously

I feel like self-care is very "in" right now - and you know what? I love that! I'm all for positive things being the trendy thing to do.

It's so important for us to stop, reflect, and recognize what we need. Self-care, to me, is making sure that you are healthy: mind, body, + soul. 

I am guilty of burning the candle at both ends sometimes (read: a lot of the time). I go, go, go, filling my schedule to the max and then I wonder why I have a mental breakdown and experience burn out. HELLO. Maybe because I'm not giving myself the time I need to recharge and just BE.

This past Saturday I canceled all of my plans and deemed it "Self-Care Saturday" - I was in desperate need of hermitting (new word, ha!) at home and doing things that filled me up. I didn't want time-bound obligations or anything to hold me back from just soaking in a whole day of soul-filling activities.

You can see some of the things that I did on my little list up there. I also did a major spring clean - I got rid of so much unused junk that we've accumulated over the last 3 years and I scrubbed the house from front to back. While doing that I had some of my favorite podcasts playing in the background. These things are all so simple, but they are what bring me back to reality and help keep me grounded.

At the end of the day I felt so accomplished and so content. It felt so good to just BE for a day. To get things done that have been put on the back burner due to other obligations (read: alllllll the studying). To do things that I enjoy doing without worrying that I should be doing "more productive" things.

It's essential that we schedule in these self-care days (or half days or hours or whatever) on the regular to avoid feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. Give yourself permission to take your self-care seriously...I promise it is time well spent!

What are some things that you would include in your self-care day? Do tell - I'm always looking for ideas :)

xo, Jess


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