Don't Feed Fear - Fuel Love

Hello, hello my sweet friends :) Today I want to talk about fear. What is fear? Fear is the absence of love.

The first time I ever heard that it blew my mind. Because how simple of a concept: Fear is the absence of love. When we give way to fear, we are shutting the door on love. But when we fully embrace love, we are shutting the door on fear. 

A life run by fear results in anxiety, doubt, and chaos...a life run by love results in joy, truth, and peace. Over the last few months, I've made it a priority to check myself multiple times a day to make sure that I'm operating out of love and not out of fear. When I'm interacting with others I want to project a sense of compassion, patience, and peace - and it's MY choice to do that no matter the external circumstances.

We are in charge of how we react to every experience that we go through. We can choose to react out of fear or out of love. 

When I find myself short-tempered or anxious, I stop, take a step back and say a quick prayer to help me re-center and align with God's love so that I can meet any circumstance that I face with that love. Does this make "bad" things stop happening? Nope. But it sure helps me maintain a sense of self no matter what is going on around me.

Choosing love opens doors. It creates opportunity. It helps you reach goals. 

Do you feed fear or do you fuel love? Choose love, always!

xo, Jess

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