Current Faves: Books, Hair Products, Protein Bars, Etc.

Hi friends! I wanted to share some of my current faves with y'all today (: I've been using and loving all of these things for a few weeks or more now. I have quite the variety of items so let's get right into it, shall we?


I've been all about that kimono/wrap life lately! I feel like they spice up an outfit and make me look like I have actual fashion sense, lol. But seriously, I love how easy they can be thrown on. I have a few floral ones plus this olive green one (my fave). I got it at a local boutique and I think I've worn it 3 times in the last week #sorrynotsorry 

Hair Products:

If you don't know, I start grad school in August so Adam and I are officially ballin on a budget. I've been seeking out ways to save money and when I found these Kristin Ess hair products at Target I was PUMPED! I follow this hair magician on Instagram but I somehow didn't know that she had her own line of affordable products. These ones are all under $15 and some of the hair products that I was using before were upwards of $30...and these work just as well, if not better. Bonus: they smell amazing. Even my husband complimented my hair smell, which is a big deal since I only wash it once a week (don't judge).

Pictured here are:

  • Dry Finish Working Texture Spray - I use this to give my hair some grit and texture. It's a MUST have for us lob ladies.
  • Depth Defining Water-Based Pomade - I use this when I'm going for messy waves. It really separates your waves and gives it that "beachy hair, don't care" look.
  • Refine Signature Finishing Spray - aka hair spray. This stuff smells so good and I love that it holds my hair in place but it's still touchable. It doesn't leave my hair feeling crunchy in certain spots and it does a nice job of battling the Florida humidity. 

I want to try her dry shampoo and mousse, too...I've heard great things! Have you tried them? Oh and on her website, Kristin has quick, helpful video tutorials of how to best use her products.

Beauty Products:

First up - this lip color. You guys. I have been on the hunt for MONTHS for the perfect nude but not too nude lip color. THIS IS MY NEW HOLY GRAIL. I've worn it almost every day for the last month and I kid you not, anytime I'm out and about I get asked what I'm wearing on my lips. The formula is so wearable. It doesn't crack and give you weird butthole looking lips (you know what I'm talking about...) I would HIGHLY recommend this formula to anyone who is in the market for a good, wearable liquid lipstick!

Then there are the 2 nail products. I'm obsessing over this dark blue nail color. On nails, it comes out as almost a steel/gray blue. I love that it's dark but not as harsh as a black polish. It's CIA = Color is Awesome by OPI. My new go-to dark polish for sure!

The other nail product is a top coat that has changed my life. CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat was an impulse Ulta buy and I've rebought it 2 times now! It keeps my nails from chipping and helps them stay shiny. I feel like it also helps them dry faster when I first paint them. That could be me wishful thinking, though.


If you follow me on Instagram stories, you know that I post lots of excerpts from books that I'm currently reading. I finished up these two in the last few weeks and I would recommend both. I've had SO many of you guys message me asking what books they are so here you go (: They're both in the self-help genre.

The 5 Second Rule is a LITTLE bit cheesy, but if you can get past the cheese, there are quite a few gold nuggets to take away from it.

Unglued hit home SO HARD for me. I think I highlighted half the book - not even kidding. Lysa Terkeurst is one of my favorite Christian authors. I posted a lot of this one on Insta and each time that I did, at least 5 people asked me what book it was. It's full of practical advice for when we feel like our emotions are getting the best of us.

Protein Bars:

It's no secret that your girl LOVES food. I was on a protein bar hiatus earlier this year because I was so sick of all the ones that I was eating. They didn't fill me up and left me feeling bloated...pass. I've recently tried to get back to my "clean eating" roots and feed my body as many whole, raw, real foods as possible. Gimmie alllll da nutrients, please! These 3 brands are my favorites right now - I love the ingredients that each one has, the nutrition values are on point, plus they are delicious! Most importantly, they keep my hunger satisfied and don't leave me feeling heavy and gross. The Square bars taste like straight up candy bars so proceed at your own risk. You can get them all on Amazon.

What are some of your current faves?! Do tell!
xo, Jess


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