Coffee Chat - Monthly Catch Up

Hi friends! It's been about a month since I did my last coffee date post and I love putting them together so I figured I'd make it a monthly-ish thing around here :)

On our coffee date I would order my favorite summer drink:

This beauty is called "The MC" and you can get one at my favorite coffee shop, Foundation. It's basically like lemonade with a shot of espresso, honey, and mint leaves...you guys. It sounds weird but it's oddly refreshing and SO delicious. If you live in the Tampa area you HAVE to try one!

If we were chatting over coffee I'd tell you:

  • We went to the bank and got a loan for the Jeep! Now it's just a matter of finding the perfect one...I am quite specific in what I want. Don't worry, as soon as it happens Insta will be the first to know.
  • I'm living + loving every moment of summer! I feel like last week was my official start to summer because the few weeks before that I was so busy trying to catch up on things that I'd put on the back burner when I was in school. The last few weeks have been filled with boat days, concerts, beach trips, slip-n-slide parties, and girls' craft days. Aka I am living it up and soaking in ALL of the free time before grad school starts in August. My bestie got tickets to a MUSE concert here in Tampa on Sunday and it was AMAZING!

  • I've been itching to do something different with my hair because I haven't LOVED it in quite some time. Well I pulled the trigger and did something new and you guys...I AM OBSESSED! I love the color + the length...and it is rare for me to like both at the same time, lol! If you're looking for someone in the Tampa area, let me know and I'll refer you to Lauren. She really slays the hair game!

  • I've been making it a priority to actually get ready every day and I have to say...it's a little confidence booster. I work from home so it's easy to stay in PJs all day. But I don't feel my best or work my best when I do that. I've made it an appoint to get my workout done early in the morning so that I can shower and put myself together - I have to admit, it's been fun choosing outfits to wear...it probably helps that my Grandma took me on a mini shipping spree to prepare my wardrobe for my new job that I start this Fall ;)

  • I've been LIVING off of smoothie bowls. It is H-O-T here in Florida and nothing sounds better than a cold, crunchy smoothie bowl. I've shared a few recipes here on the blog and I can't stop posting pictures of my bowl creations on the gram because they're just so pretty!

What is something you would tell me? I love connecting with you guys!
xo, Jess

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