Purposefully Pay Attention to the Good

Hello my sweet friends! I've missed this space over the last week. We had a death in my family and it really rocked our worlds. This was the first experience I've had with the death of someone in my family who I've had an actual relationship with. It's a strange feeling knowing that my Uncle is gone from this Earth. 

Reflecting on the time that I spent with him while he was alive got me thinking about how important it is for us to purposefully pay attention to the good each and every day. Obviously losing my Uncle is truly devastating and worth mourning over but I don't want to neglect that it was wonderful to be with my entire family at his funeral celebrating the wonderful life he led.

When things seem to be going all wrong, really sit down and focus on what is going right. Because no matter how "bad" things seem there is always something to be grateful for...I mean you're still alive and breathing, no?

Last week my laptop decided to kick the dust. My initial reaction was to throw a hissy fit. It took about 1.25 seconds for me to snap out of it and realize yeah okay so it really blows that you're going to have to get a new laptop BUT:

1. I'm blessed to have the means to get a new one (thanks, Grandma! Happy graduation to me!) 
2. You'll be able to enjoy an upgraded system
3. It's a damn laptop - there are bigger issues in life

My car A/C also decided to stop working. BUT:

1. The car still drives - and safely.
2. I can borrow my husband's truck during the day since he drives a work vehicle.
3. The A/C in our house works just fine.

So while yes, it really did suck to lose all of my emails and have to transfer all of my old files and blah blah blah, how bad of a situation was it really? Not that big of a deal. Losing my Uncle has really put a fire under me and helped me sort out where my perspectives should be. 

I shouldn't be losing my mind over trivial things like a laptop mishap, the car A/C going out, or forgetting my coffee on the counter.

I should be focusing on the sweet, good things like getting to spend quality time with my family regularly, waking up every morning next to a husband who loves me with a roof over our heads and food in our kitchen, and having the opportunity to go back to school to pursue a career that I love. 

Even the small good things like sitting on my patio sipping wine while painting my nails, watching my pups run like crazy through the backyard, and hearing my favorite song come on the radio are worth paying attention to.

All this to say - don't let yourself get caught up in the bad. And honestly, how bad is the bad? Shift your perspective and purposefully pay attention to the good. Life is so much sweeter that way.

xo, Jess


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