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Hi friends! So I know I've been somewhat adamant about keeping up with posting here, but lately I've felt kind of removed from this space. Maybe because I have so much going on? Not sure. I'm still loving "mini blogging" over on Instagram (aka I write novels for captions, lol). I thought I would do a little coffee date post so we could catch up :)

I'll start off by saying, if we did meet up for coffee, I'd probably order a flat white with almond milk. That's been my go-to drink of choice lately. What's yours?

Here's what I would tell you on our coffee date:
  • I can't believe that I finish my second bachelor's degree on May 2! My brain is swirling with treatment plans, studying for finals, and trying to stay sane....eeeek!

  • I'm SO excited to start my graduate program at Florida State come August. At first I was apprehensive about doing a distance program, but after our "preview night" meeting I know it's the right choice for me. And I'm also SUPER pumped that I already have an SLPA (speech-language pathology assistant) job lined up!

  • Adam and I celebrated our third anniversary last week and can I just say that I love being married to him? Okay cheesy, I know, but so true. Every year we re-read our vows and it just fills my heart so much. I also tried on my dress for the first time since our wedding day and HOLY EMOTIONS.

  • As I've mentioned (I think) we're planning on buying a house next year - YAY! To tide me over until then, we're doing a mini-renovation to our current back patio and I've spent so much time out there since we started working on it. I LOVE IT! I do my homework, work, and yoga out there (currently doing this post out here as we speak...errr, type).  I'll have to do a patio post soon!

  • Speaking of major purchases, we're also considering pulling the trigger and buying my dream car this summer - A JEEP! The A/C in my car just went out (yikes) and we don't feel like it's worth putting the $1400+ into it to fix it since the car is a 2008. We shall seeeee. (Adulting is expensive, guys).

  • And last by not least, one of my sweet friends gifted me a Nespresso as a congrats for getting into FSU and my life is forever changed. GOODBYE KEURIG.

Okay enough rambling for now. What would you share with me if we met up for coffee? Like I mentioned earlier in the post, I've felt kind of disconnected from this space lately, so if I start to post a little less, you know why. But you can always find me over on the gram!

xo, Jess

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