Cling to Your Goals but Not Necessarily Your Plans

Does anyone else use their blog as a memory book of sorts? Do you ever take the time to look back on past posts? Maybe I'm the only weirdo who does that, but either way, I wanted to include this post so that I can remember this when I look back. 

Honestly, this is a direct copy/paste from an Instagram caption that I posted last Wednesday (:

Life is WEIRD, you guys 🙃 

I was sitting on my patio working today and I took a break to answer some texts. I was chatting with my mentor about details regarding my speech-language pathology assistant position (!!!) and I see an email from USF pop up on my laptop. "Congratulations!" I read. I was accepted off of the wait list for the SLP Master's program. I couldn't help but chuckle. This time last year I was DEAD SET on going to USF for grad school. Little did I know that God's plan for me was a liiiittle bigger. 

I accepted the offer from Florida State University last month when I found out I was wait listed from USF. The FSU program is part-time and online, meaning I get to work while I earn my degree...something I wouldn't have been able to do had I went to USF. 

I've grown so much over the last year. I've relinquished my need for total control and learned to work hard and trust that things will happen how they're supposed to. And they did! Not gonna lie - it was a little ego boost to see that I got into USF, even though I'm sticking with my decision to attend FSU. I also think it's funny that I cried when I found out that I got into FSU and just had a "feeling" about it that didn't come when I saw that email from USF. 

All this to say - cling to your goals but not necessarily your plans. Work hard and trust the process. Put good things into the world and good things will come back to you 💛 #slp2b #slpeeps #goldstarifyoureadtheentirecaption 😂


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xo, Jess


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