7 Things I'm Loving

Hi friends! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend :) I'm finally getting better at setting aside some time during the weekend to REST rather than work/study myself to death and I have to say - IT IS AWESOME. I spent lots of QT with my husband, caught up with a girlfriend over dinner and wine, started revamping our back patio (more on that Thursday), and even got some pleasure reading in. 

It wasn't full of only ups, though - on Friday night, my family found out that my sweet uncle (who has been battling dementia for many years) went to be with Jesus. We all "saw it coming" but when it actually happens it still knocks the breath out of you. It's so difficult for me to wrap my mind around the fact that one second he was here, living and breathing, and the next, gone. Thankfully, I haven't had to cope with the deaths of close friends/family up until this point, but it makes this situation so hard to digest. Thank you for all of the kind words that you guys wrote over on Instagram - you guys are the best!

With the passing of my Uncle, I wanted to bring some joy + positivity to today's post so I figured I could keep it light and fun and show y'all some things I've been loving recently!

one. The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Everyone loves them some Chip + Jo and I'm no different. I love them as a couple and I love the work that they do on homes - I've briefly considering moving to Waco, TX in hopes that they would renovate a home for me, haha! This is a nice, easy read and it's fun learning about how they came to be where they are now with their TV show Fixer Upper.

two. Poke Bowls

This meal just screams summertime to me. I love a good poke bowl! It's basically deconstructed sushi and I could eat one every single day and not get sick of it.

three. Disney's new Beauty and the Beast movie

Have you seen it? Did you love it? I DID! I went in with an open mind, not expecting too much (I hate feeling disappointed by movies) and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it! Emma Watson killed it as Belle!

Confession: I am THE WORST at styling hair. I can't work a curling iron for the life of me. Until I met the Beachwaver. This thing is fabulous! All you do is click a button and the curler automatically curls - it's fool proof! Every time I use it to style my hair I get asked what I used. It's a bit pricy, but I got mine with a 20% off coupon and I've used it SO much since getting it so it was worth it for me.

five. Eating ALL of the fruit

I eat fruit any time of the year, but it just tastes better during the spring and summer! It's so juicy and fresh and I just can't get enough. Lately I've been stuck on mango, pineapple, and strawberries. 

six. Seeing my lettering at weddings

Early this year, I took up a new hobby - hand lettering. I practice almost every day and it's so soothing for me to sit down with my pens and paper. Well it's wedding season and I've had a few brides reach out to me asking me to do signs for their weddings - how cool is that?! 

seven. Mini donuts

Are you sensing a pattern here? I can't help it - ya girl loves food! A new mini donut shop, Remi's Minis, just opened near our house and Adam and I have been frequent visitors. Not only are the donuts so cute and SO delicious, Remi is a rescue pit bull so naturally I'm 100% in on supporting them. I usually get 4 when we go and Adam gets 8. I love that we get to enjoy so many different flavors when we go - we try to get different ones each time so we can eventually say we've tried all of the flavors. #goals

And do you see that donut case on my phone? Wellll turns out you can grab one, too! UANYE sent me this case and gave me a discount code to share with y'all so you can get your own (I'm not making any money from you using the code - it's just something nice they wanted to do for my readers). Just use the code "UANYE-LOVELYLITTLETHINGS" for 20% off your first case order. 

I'm VERY tempted to buy the avocado one because I put avocado on EV-ERY-THING.

What are some things that you're loving at the moment? Share!
xo, Jess 


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