Be Happy Now

Hi friends! How is your week going? I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that March is over in two days - I know I say this every month, but HOW? Time is a weird thing. The days are long but the years really are short. Which brings me into today's post: BE HAPPY NOW.

How often do you catch yourself saying things like, "I'll be happy when I finish school." (SO GUILTY) or "I'll be happy when I lose these pesky last 5 pounds." 

Probably way too often, if you're anything like me.

I was listening to a podcast while scrubbing my baseboards this week and I heard that short little phrase, "Be happy NOW." I dropped the rag, grabbed my phone and paused the podcast to let that little gold nugget sink in for a minute. 

Two specific examples popped into my head. The first being my default, "I'll be happier when I'm done with school." That's what I say when I get extreme tunnel vision and focus on NOTHING other than getting my assignments/studying done. I say that when I allow myself to be unhealthily focused and let my friendships fall to the wayside.

The other instance is, "I'll be happier when we own a house." Adam and I have been renting a small, older home since we've been married. It's far from my dream home, but it's a roof over our head and we have a yard for the pups. I too often catch myself not taking pride in the house, because it's not mine and it's not where I want to be.

How stagnant are those thoughts? I don't want to wait until I finish school or buy my dream house to be truly happy. I want to be truly happy right now, in this very moment! The good thing is, I can be. Because it's my choice to be happy. And the same goes for you, friend! You can be happy right now! With those extra 5 pounds on you. When your savings account dips below where you'd like it to be. With a to-do list 3 miles long. 

xo, Jess


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