Pay Attention to Where You're Putting Your Energy

Have you ever thought about the fact that putting your energy into one thing means taking energy away from another? 

I heard someone say that the other day and I was like WHOA. That's a tough nugget to bite on isn't it? I stopped and thought about how my energy is so widely spread among so many things and while yes, go me for being productive and getting all my stuff done, am I giving enough of my energy to the things that really matter? Or am I using too much of it on trivial things?

Nothing that I do is bad, per say. So my energy isn't going to bad places. It's just going to a lot of places. I own a business. Work another job outside of that. I'm taking 5 classes. Observing SLPs regularly. I recently started a side gig where I'm crafting custom orders for people (think wine glasses, hand lettered signs, etc). I workout every day. I blog here twice a week. Ummm I'm sensing a pattern here. A WHOLE LOT OF A LOT. Which doesn't leave much of my energy for being the best wife, friend, or family member. And those things are important to me. Extremely important.

With starting graduate school in the fall, I'm thinking that I'm gonna have to take a nice long look at where I'm allocating my energy. I might have to pick a few things to spend less energy on, which might mean some serious life changes (aka job switching). But it's worth it to make sure that my energy is being used wisely.

I encourage you to really reflect on what is getting your energy. Is it where you want it to be going? If not, don't be afraid to make some changes. You've got to make room for the good, friends!

xo, Jess


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