5 (Realistic) Tips to Live Healthier

As a personal trainer, I get a lot of questions about practical ways to live healthier. I wanted to give people things that they can implement right away rather than far fetched tips that people aren't going to stick to for more than a week. I figured it would make a quick, useful blog post so here we go (:

one. Buy a cute water bottle and drink up.

I shoot for a gallon a day because I drink a lot of coffee, sweat a lot when I workout, and my sodium intake is decently high. Making sure to keep myself hydrated is going to negate some of the consequences that go along with those things. Making sure that you're hydrated will also help keep things flowing, keep your skin nice, and help your body from retaining a ton of water (ironic isn't it).

I have this S'well bottle and I love it! I take it everywhere I go. It's 25 ounces and I fill it up 6 times a day.

two. Park far away from entrances.

Anytime I go somewhere and I have the option to park far away from the entrance, I do. If you do this 2-3 times a day, you're racking up quite a bit of extra walking that you wouldn't get in otherwise. Obviously use your brain and don't do this if you're in a sketchy area or if it's nighttime.

three. Keep healthy snacks in your bag.

This is a big life saver for me. I keep a small bag of almonds and a protein bar in my purse at all times. I know that when I get ravenously hungry that I will eat whatever I can get my hands on. To avoid swinging through a drive thru, keep snacks with you that you can munch on if you're in between appointments or stuck in traffic. If I eat my stashed snack, I put a reminder in my phone to restock my bag when I get home.

four. Practice gratitude right when you wake up. 

This one is a game changer. As soon as I wake up, I make my coffee and head to my desk to write in my gratitude journal. I make a list of a few things that I am grateful for - simple. This takes 5 minutes or less and it really gets me in a positive mental state to start the day. I've noticed that since picking up this habit, my stress levels are down and my perspective on life is less skewed. It helps keep me grounded.

five. Give yourself a bed time and stick to it.

This one might be the hardest of the five to adhere to, but you guys...you have to do it. I make myself STOP and go to sleep by 11:30 every night. I could easily continue pecking away at my to-dos late into the night, but I choose to make sleep a priority. If you deprive yourself of sleep, you're more than likely going to be useless the next day. Get your Zs!

What are some practical tips that you follow to live your healthiest life? Share!

xo, Jess

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