10 Things I Can't Get Enough Of

I am OBSESSED with "things I'm loving" type posts. Seeing what people are reading, wearing, eating/drinking, etc. gets me so pumped...just me? Or do you like them, too? What can I say...I'm nosy! Either way, I hope you're nosy, too, because here are:

one. Garden Tomato & Basil rice cakes

Stop what you're doing and go buy these right now. They are SO DELICIOUS - I mean look at all of those spices! My Grandma picked these up for me to try...I wasn't expecting anything special, but I was pleasantly surprised by these.

two. My rose gold Apple Watch

You can see a peek of this in the photo above. My Grandma (do you sense a pattern here, haha!) got this for me as a surprise Christmas gift and I use it so much more than I ever imagined I would. I use it to track my workouts, appointments, daily steps, to check the weather, to quickly check calls/texts, and the list goes on. 

three. Flat whites with almond milk

I'm usually an almond milk latte kind of girl, but lately I've been gravitating toward flat whites. It's my go-to coffee order at the moment.

I am tempted to wear this shirt every single day. I am a graphic tee junkie and this is one of my favorite! The fonts are perfect and HELLO GILMORE GIRLS...

You can see it in the picture above. I've really been feeling dainty jewelry lately! I wear this necklace almost every day, because it's so cute and complements just about every outfit.

six. Gold embossed lettering

A lot of you know that I've recently picked up hand lettering as a new hobby. Well this hobby just went to a WHOLE new level - I recently bought an embossing kit and just LOOK at those gorgeous gold letters! 

seven. This popcorn

It's the perfect bland of sweet and salty and if I'm not careful I eat an entire bag in one sitting...it's fine. Seriously though, give this stuff a try if you're a popcorn lover (plus hello look how cute the packaging is).

eight. Cabernet Sauvignon wine

My current favorite is the bottle you see in the popcorn picture above: 19 Crimes. It's also what's in my glass in the picture below. I just really like taking pictures of wine, okay? Also I should add as a bonus thing I'm loving - VINYL ON EVERYTHING (like the wine glass pictured).

I'm a self-proclaimed coffee mug collector (my husband says hoarder but that's irrelevant) and this is one of my favorite! It's the last one I bought before I started making my own designs using my Silhouette Cameo 3...which I also love. Wow I just love a lot of things.

ten. This book

One of my sweet girlfriends bought this book for me (and even hand delivered it!) when she found out that I got into grad school. Side note - you need solid friends in your life like that. Back to the topic at hand...this book is so good. I try to read a few pages every morning while I'm sipping on my (first) cup of coffee. I'm only a little ways in, but so far I would highly recommend it (: I try to post little snippets of it on my Snapchat (@glistenfit) and my Instagram stories

What are some things that you're loving? Do tell...I want to know!
xo, Jess


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