Take Charge - Don't Rely On Others To Do It

Please tell me I'm not the only one guilty of seeing an issue (big or small) that needs to be resolved but just passing by thinking, "Oh, I'm sure the next person who comes across it will take care of it." 🙈

It could be something as small as noticing that the toilet paper roll is empty but just leaving it there for the next person to deal with (UGH WHY) or walking down the street and seeing someone who is clearly in need of help but passing on by thinking the person behind you will come to their rescue.

Why do we do this? Why is our default to keep moving and let someone else deal with the problem? I've been so aware of this lately, and I've made it my priority to slow down and NOTICE needs then take it a step further and do what I can to meet the needs. 

Now listen, I'm obviously not able to stop and meet every single need that I see, but I'm genuinely taking the time to get out of my own personal little bubble and redirect my focus on things that aren't all me all the time. You feel me?

For example, if I'm walking across campus and I see a big piece of trash on the sidewalk in front of me, I'll bend over and pick it up and toss it in the garbage can rather than stepping over it and continuing on with the rest of the crowd. I'm not running around campus cleaning up every piece of trash, but I'm also not ignoring what's right in front of me when I'm totally capable of helping. Does that make sense? 

So I encourage you to just reflect a little bit and see where your awareness is at. Are you paying attention to the things around you that need help? Or are you so caught up in your own world that you don't even see needs that need to be met? Get out of your head and take a look around, my friends! While you may not be able to meet every need, you can be aware and do what you can to help.

xo, Jess

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