Success Should Be Shared

Last weekend I met up with an old friend for coffee. We got to talking about how competitive women can be against each other and how we are so not down with that.

I'm all for healthy competition - seeing someone's success and being EXCITED with and for them and then using that as inspiration to light your own fire and get to work. YES DO THAT. Great! But don't be the woman who half-heartedly congratulates someone on her success while wondering how you can top her.

Here's the thing - there isn't a set amount of success. It's infinite. It isn't going to run out. There is enough for anyone who is willing to work for it.

Imagine how much we could accomplish if we spent our energy lifting each other up. Encouraging each other to go further and achieve great things. How do you feel when a girlfriend is genuinely happy when you do something you've set out to do? It pumps you up and drives you to do even bigger and better things, right? 

Make sure that you're not trying to hoard success. Be proud of what you've accomplished while being just as proud of what your bestie or sister has done, too. Success should be shared! Let's empower one another. Celebrate one another's successes!

xo, Jess

P.S. The girlfriend I mentioned at the beginning of the post actually just started a blog that revolves around this exact concept. I'm obsessed with Paid & Pretty - such a gorgeous website and a must read for all girl bosses! 😍


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