Do Your Social Media Feeds Lift You Up?

Hello friends! I am back full swing in school - I'm taking 5 classes this semester so say a little prayer for my sanity if you get a chance ;) But it's my last semester as an undergrad (again) so PRAISE THE LORD for that.

Anyway, before I started classes, I took some time to purge my social media feeds. What do I mean by that?

Let's be real. We all spend a lot of time (probably too much but that's another post for another day) scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through social media. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and the list goes on. 

How do you feel when you click out of an app and set your phone down? Do you feel uplifted, encouraged, and inspired? Or do you feel annoyed, frustrated, and drained? I urge you to really reflect on that the next time you finish a scrolling marathon. I noticed that on most social media outlets, I left feeling negative. And I wasn't down with that. So I dedicated some time one morning to some social media purging. We all know how much I love purging. I went through each account and unfollowed/unsubscribed/un-whatevered to anything that left me feeling mostly negative. 

Hear me out - this isn't to say that every account you follow has to share positive "I love this I love that" quotes 24/7. I don't mind hearing about people's struggles on social media - sometimes I go to social media with problems seeking out suggestions from people. I'm just saying I don't want my feeds to be full of complainers. I want my feed to be full of doers. I want the positivity to outshine the negativity. 

So if you're scrolling through a feed and you find yourself spiraling down the dark abyss that is social media negativity - GET RID OF IT. I used to be paranoid that if I "unfollowed" something or someone I would experience FOMO. Nope. It actually feels great to open my feeds and be inspired + encouraged without getting sucked into reading someone's maddening drama or posts from the person who shares a "woe is me" monologue 3 times a day.

Don't be afraid to get rid of stuff that isn't lifting you up. Your life is a reflection of what you surround yourself with - make it wonderful!

xo, Jess

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  1. I can't agree with you any more strongly than I do on this post, girl! One of the messages from church the other day was to get rid of the negative people in your life. For instance, when you get a phone call from that infamous person who loves to complain complain complain, the red button to ignore the call can feel so liberating! Just like the unfollow button!

    This year, I told myself that I would have a purpose for checking my social media. To get inspired with other blog or outfit posts... to check on my family since we live in different states... to post an update myself... whatever it may be. So far, so good!

    Good luck with your final semester and kill it like you always seem to do these days ;)


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