New YouTube Video | Christmas Tour + Workout

Hi my sweet friends (: I'm writing this on Sunday but you're reading it on Tuesday which means my neuroanatomy final is OVER...PRAISE! Anyway, I'm knee deep in exams this week (I have one on Wednesday and two on Thursday and then I am free) so instead of writing up a new post today, I'm sharing a new YouTube video that I posted on Sunday! There is a glute + hamstring workout and a mini Christmas tour in the video. I'd love if you would subscribe to my channel - I try to post once a week. Anyway, enjoy the video! xo, Jess



  1. Praying for your exams! And also how did I not know you had all these great workout videos?!

    1. Thank you, girl! I've been studying my little heart out so I think it will pay off :) All prayers are WELCOME! And yes...my current job is a personal trainer! It's mostly online based now that I'm in school again. Funny to think that I have 2 "online" lives, lol - my fitness one and this one!


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