5 Tips to Conquer Finals Week

I've been back in school for over a year now and not to toot my own horn (jk I'm proud of my As...toot toot), but I'm killing it in the grades department. It doesn't come without having a solid study plan for each class, though. With it being finals week, I wanted to share 5 tips that have really made a difference in helping me not only survive, but conquer final exams!

one. Have a study schedule.

Don't just go into each day blind. Have a plan. Know what days you're studying what. And go a step further and know what specific topics you want to cover from each class each day. I wrote out a schedule that included each class, each topic, and how long I wanted to focus on each topic. Having a set plan made things go so smoothly and I feel like my studying was way more productive.

two. Don't forget to eat (and drink lots of water).

On days that my studying is really intense (read: neuroanatomy) I set alarms to remind myself to get up and have a snack. I personally like to eat lower sugar and higher carb meals when I'm studying - I feel like it keeps me alert and my brain less foggy. Find what foods give you mental clarity and eat up!

three. Take breaks.

This ties in with number one - schedule in breaks. I know that I can study for 2-3 hours before I start getting distracted. So instead of fumbling around after my "breaking point" trying to unsuccessfully study, I walk away for 30-60 minutes and watch a TV show, go on a walk, or SOMETHING. Then when I go back into my office I'm ready to refocus and get back to it.

four. Set the mood - good vibes = productive studying.

I'm really big on vibes. I like cozy, calm, peaceful study areas. I prefer to study in my office with the window open, candles lit, and my notes spread out on the floor. I also like to have some music softly playing in the background. Find your zen space to study in and get it done!

five. Don't forego getting good sleep.

I know that college students stereotypically skimp on sleep, especially around finals. DON'T DO THIS. Sleep is essential, you guys. When you're sleeping your brain is processing what you studied (or so says one of my professors, lol). Not to mention, taking an exam after only sleeping for 3-4 hours is a nightmare. Get your Zs to ensure mental clarity. I shoot for 6-8 hours a night.

I finish up finals today and I AM SO PUMPED about it. My brain needs a little breather before gearing up for the spring semester (my last semester as an undergrad...again, lol). Good luck to everyone who still has finals to take - study hard and be confident!

xo, Jess



  1. Having a study schedule is key! Back in my first few years I'd try to wing it and I'd always end up procrastinating which wasn't ever good. Best of luck with your finals and yay to having a break! :)

  2. Scheduling breaks is always what got me through finals week!


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