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Hi friends :) I survived my exams last week (I even got an A on my second neuroanatomy exam...2 for 2, people). PRAISE! I'm back today with some encouragement and a little life update.

I try to live by the saying, "Instead of bashing what you don't like, promote what you love." I feel like lately (cough - election time) people are all about bashing views that differ from their own. Instead of doing that, why not promote and talk positively about what you stand behind? Talk up the things that you love. It's not hard - and it'll make you feel a whole let better than bashing things that don't necessarily line up with your beliefs.

That being said, I wanted to promote some things that I love today:
  • Surrounding myself with encouraging people.
My plate is really full right now and having the support and encouragement from my husband, family, and friends truly gets me through the hard days. They remind me what I'm capable of and what I'm working for.
  • My new glasses and new go-to lip color.
You can kind of see both of these in the picture up there. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of glasses and a go-to lip color and I found both within the same week...I was so pumped - it's the little things, you guys. The lip color is Times Square by ColourPop and the glasses are from Firmoo!
  • Having the opportunity to meet an SLP who I just click with.
I'm gonna try my best to refrain from writing a novel right now. But I can't make any promises. On Friday I had the opportunity to shadow a speech-language pathologist who was a breath of fresh air. School has been tough the last few weeks and it has made me question if I'm doing the right thing - all of that was put to rest Friday. It was so awesome to get a glimpse of what I'm working toward in action. And a plus - the SLP kept saying that her and I are "birds of a feather." She's younger, into working out, loves dogs, and we just GOT each other. She is amazing and told me that when she saw my name pop up in her inbox that she had a feeling that, "you were my me." Meaning that she reached out to someone via email when she was in school and that person ended up being her mentor aka she wants to be my mentor and help me through grad school and everything. I am OVER THE MOON you guys. She invited me back to the school to help her with the Halloween photo booth that she is setting up for the kiddos. Probably gonna die from cuteness overload that day...

*Edit I wrote this post on Saturday and I was right: the cuteness was ALMOST too much to handle! The kids' costumes were hysterical and they ate up the super hero crew that you see below (:

  • A glass of red wine after a long day (or a short day really, lol).
I feel like this doesn't really need to be expounded upon...
  • Sipping on an almond milk latte in cool weather.
It's no secret that Florida is hot/humid 95% of the time. So when the weather does cool off, there is nothing more satisfying than sipping a hot coffee outside without your upper lip sweating.
  • Watching my dogs sprint around the backyard.
My heart almost explodes when I see my dogs do anything. I just love them with my whole heart.
  • Being able to open the windows without causing the electric bill to skyrocket.
Again - praise the Lord for cool weather.


So tell me - what is something that you just love?
xo, Jess

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