Fill Your Days With Joy

Hi my sweet friends :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I actually took (the majority) of the weekend off of school + work to celebrate my husband's birthday and MAN did it feel good. I forgot what it's like to not be consumed with neuroanatomy powerpoint slides for more than 24 hours, ha!

Anyway, I was reflecting on the weekend and I mentally put together a list of things that I can easily implement day to day that bring me so much joy.

Sometimes we let the days get away from us without partaking in anything that isn't on our to-do list. Here is a list of things that I can do to INTENTIONALLY fill my days with joy:

  • Play with my pups outside for 10 minutes
  • Curl up in my reading nook with a good book for a chapter or two
  • Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee out of one of my favorite mugs
  • Go on a 30 minute bike ride with my husband
  • Decorate my planner
  • Do a facemask (I just got a new charcoal one that I'm excited to try!)
  • Practice my hand lettering 

I know that we're all busy, but we have to realize how imperative it is to make time and consciously choose to do things that fill us up! I'll be the first to admit that if I have an extra few minutes I usually find myself plopped down on the couch zoning out to Netflix. Now don't get me wrong, ya girl LOVES her a good Gilmore marathon here and there (HELLO REVIVAL IN T-MINUS 9 DAYS), but I want to make sure that I'm spending the majority of my free time not just sitting in front of the TV.

What are some things that you can do throughout your day to spark joy? Do tell so I can add some to my list!

xo, Jess



  1. Ughhh, Mini Doughnut Factory. Jealous! I love hand lettering, but I really want to start working on watercolors again. We get way too wrapped up in school, don't we?! It's almost over, gf!

  2. A good book and a cup of coffee are instant joy to me!

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