Be Okay With Where You Are

I've had a rough week, guys. I'm mentally drained and physically exhausted. And I've been questioning my abilities as far as getting into grad school.

I had a mini meltdown because I was panicking over the fact that I'm 26 and just now applying to grad school. Which means that I won't be settled in my career until my early 30s probably. Which is TOTALLY FINE and I get that now that my meltdown has subsided.

Growing up, I always thought that by 25 I would own a house, be settled in a career, married (yay I got one, lol),  etc. The older I get, the more I realize that things don't always go according to plan. And you know what? You can throw a fit about it or embrace it. Appreciate the stage of life that you're in right now, because where you're at today is going to help get you where you want to be tomorrow or next month or next year. I tend to have freak outs when things don't go according to my extremely detailed type A plan. I'm getting better, but I still struggle with it. 

So even if you're not EXACTLY where you want to be RIGHT this second...try to be okay with it. Okay as in you're working hard to get where you want to be but still enjoying where you're at.

Ya feel me?

xo,  Jess


  1. Seriously we must be on the same wave length! Every post you write hits home. I'm already in my 30's and hating the career path I've chosen. You definitely have time to get where you want to be and you are such an inspiration for following your heart. Just today I was telling myself to just find the positive in where I'm at and learning to be okay with it. :)

    1. It's such a great feeling to know that we're not alone isn't it? I encourage you to chase after something that makes your heart soar, girl! xo

  2. Yes yes yes. This is a life changing thing to learn. It's hard to learn, too, but definitely life changing.

    1. It really is! Like I said, I'm still learning, but it has made such a difference emotionally for me!

  3. This is me but a few years older! I'm 30, in my first semester of my MS-SLP program, and I've just about gotten myself convinced that it's too late for me now because I should have it all together. I've had to do a lot of work (with a little help from my friends) to realize that it's okay. My life doesn't have to look like someone else's who is 30. When I get down on myself, I try to remind myself that I'm not equipped to handle what "she" has, whether good or bad. It doesn't always work. ;)

  4. Uh, yeah. I'm the 30-year-old who is looking at back to back military trainings and pretty much nothing BUT.a career. It's terrifying to feel so behind... I don't even know when kids will be a thought for us. That's scary! I can absolutely relate to his post.

  5. Totally feel you. 39 and still wanting a house.. but living in a very expensive town that I love. So, we'll deal for now....


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