Do Something You Love Every Day

Hi my sweet friends :) I hope that you're having a fabulous week so far! I have a question for you. Do you do at least one thing that you love every single day?

Really stop and think about it. I try to fit in things like:
  • Working out
  • Walking my dogs
  • Enjoying a glass of wine on the patio
  • Reading a chapter of a book
  • Watching an episode of Gilmore Girls/Grey's Anatomy
  • Spending time outside to breath in the fresh air 

Now I don't do ALL of these things every day, but I do try to make time for 2-3 of them each day. And I don't rush through them either. I intentionally stop what I'm doing and take just a few minutes to enjoy doing things that I love doing.

Sometimes I get really caught up in going through the day-to-day motions. I'm busy cranking out tasks on my to-do lists that I forget to stop, check myself, and reflect on my why (more on that Thursday). It's easy to forget to truly BE PRESENT in any given moment. But I really think that actively doing something that you love every day can help ground you and make you really invest in each moment.

xo, Jess

P.S. Remember last week when I mentioned getting a hair cut? Welllllll go check Insta to see if I followed through ;)



  1. Totally agree with this post, and I've actually been trying to do the same! I make sure that no matter how busy, there's always something everyday that I do to stay happy or take care of myself or maybe it's simply a hobby. It's actually so good for your life in general.
    I haven't had a chance to step outside like I used to but I have been squeezing in some workouts (when I can though, bc making time for them is quite tough haha). I really enjoyed this post!
    Totally in love with your blog, your posts are just amazing! I'd love if we can follow each other maybe? Do let me know <3 have a great weekend!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies


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