Why You Should Invest In Relationships

We all have extremely packed schedules - I promise that you're not the only one dealing with trying to juggle 18 things at once. Last semester I was TERRIBLE at investing in and maintaining my relationships, because I was so focused on school. Clearly, focusing on school is important since I'm trying to get into grad school, but when I was not investing in relationships, I lost part of myself.

This semester, I am committed to investing in my life's important relationships. This includes my husband (yes, even though you're married you still need to INVEST in the relationship!), my family, and my close friends. My friend circle is small (that's how I like it) but I cherish every single one of them.

Like I mentioned, I felt like I lost myself a little bit last semester. I was a slave to studying and homework - it consumed me and I let my relationships kind of fall to the wayside. After a few months, I felt lonely and irritated. And I really had no one to blame but myself. I took a step back and realized that my loved ones were constantly reaching out to me, but I wasn't reciprocating. "I'll answer that text later." "I'll hang out with them when I'm on a break from school." Sound familiar?

As silly as it sounds, now I actually schedule in time to hang out with Adam, my family, and my friends every week (okay maybe not as much time during exam weeks, but still, lol). I block time off in my schedule and then when I'm with my people, I make sure to really BE WITH THEM. Aka the phone is put away and the conversations are deeper than gossip.

Investing in relationships is so important because it reminds you of your support system. It reminds you to get out of your own little bubble and care about the lives of those around you. It puts things in perspective. And HELLO it makes life way more fun!

So despite how much you have going on, I encourage you to really make time to invest in the important relationships in your life. It makes life more joyful and reminds you that you're not in this alone.

xo, Jess


  1. Seriously your posts keep hitting home. I'm working on a post about finding myself. I have lost myself in being a mom and a wife...not that I hate being those things but I need to be myself too! Thank you for always being an inspiration!

  2. being a mom, I've found that this is the hardest part of the new "job" ;) it's hard keeping things straight with friends, or honestly just remembering them at times. love this post so much, because it's such a great reminder!

  3. Perfect for me since I have such a busy schedule and I am starting to see someone new. I need to invest in my relationships more.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I've made it a goal to be an encourager at the school I work at. I see the impact it has on the kids, but sometimes I feel like a huge outsider with the staff. Great reminder.

  5. This is totally me right now. I get texts or calls from friends to hang out and I always say no because I am so busy with homework. I need to make more time for family and friends! Just the post that I needed!


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