Your Words Create Your Life

Hello, hello! I am back and unscathed by the GRE...barely ;) I'm proud to say that I got the verbal + quant scores that I needed. I'm still waiting to hear back about my writing scores, so I'm not totally out of the clear, but I'm feeling good about it! Thank you for all of the sweet encouragement on Instagram...y'all are the best!

Anyway - on to today's post:

A lot of people have the habit of spilling words nonchalantly out of their mouths without giving them much thought. That is a bad habit to have, let me tell ya. 

Since I started being more intentional with my time and doing meditation + prayer every morning, I've also made a commitment to be conscious of the words that I'm speaking.

Words are powerful, guys. They have the power to bring life, love, and light into our lives, which means they also have the power to do the opposite if we allow that to happen.

Imagine each word that you say coming to fruition. Would you choose your words a little more wisely? 

Speak words of gratitude rather than complaints.
Speak words of love rather than hate.
Speak words of truth rather than lies.
To put it simply - speak words of positivity rather than negativity. 

Before I do anything, I remind myself of who I am. I say (out loud) that I am strong, capable and smart. Sometimes those words change based on what I'm doing, but I speak positivity over myself and my life daily.

So as you go through your day just remember that your words create your life.

xo, Jess



I love reading your encouraging words :)
Seriously...every comment makes my day a little brighter!
SO THANK YOU for being wonderful!

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