Busy Isn't Better

I used to be under the impression that being busy all the time was the only way to reach success. I would fill my days with back to back appointments and end my days flanking through an endless to do list. I did not rest from the time my feet hit the floor in the mornings until my head hit the pillow at night.

I was not leaving room for community. Or rest. Or anything outside of my schedule.

And then after a few months (probably closer to a year) of grind, grind, grind, I realized just how much I was missing out on, despite how much I was doing.

The things I was filling my time with were productive, sure. But like I mentioned before, I was lacking community. I was all alone in my world of ticking off to-dos and "climbing the ladder of success"...whatever that means.

Now I realize that in reality, success = happiness + fulfillment. And does checking stuff off of my to-do list make me happy? Well, yes. But it does not fulfill me. Keeping myself so busy, leaving no room for life to happen just was not working for me.

The older I get, the busier my schedule seems to get. I also am learning that busier isn't always better. So yes, I have a busy schedule. But I'm also conscious about leaving time for life to happen. Not filling my days up from top to bottom, left to right.

Busy is not always better. Get stuff done, but enjoy the life you live.

xo, Jess


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  1. Good advice! I always feel stressed out because I'm constantly "go, go, go!" I am trying hard to loosen up, but it sure is tough!


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