Loving Lately: Solo Dates

Hi guys! I have been in SUCH a good place lately. I feel like I'm finally in a solid groove with balancing work, school, and life. Is every day smooth sailing? Obviously not. But I happily wake up with drive and ambition each day. I don't let stress rule my life. I do my best to take one thing at a time. It's so refreshing!

How have I been shifting my mentality in order to achieve this? There are a few things I've been doing, but I wanted to share one specific one with y'all today:


I used to be so intimidated by going out and doing things on my own. Sitting alone at a coffee shop seemed weird to me. Sipping on an almond milk latte without a friend sitting across from me seemed pointless. WRONG!

I've made it a point to go on at least one solo date every week with the intention of collecting my thoughts, slowing down, and just BEING. Sometimes I have an hour to myself and sometimes I can only squeeze in 20 minutes. I either bring my journal or a book (NOT school related) and write/read until my heart is content. Sometimes I'll even put in my headphones and listen to a podcast while sipping on my coffee. If I'm trying to save some money, I'll go to a park and bring my own coffee. 

You guys...I leave feeling so refreshed and thankful. I feel like doing these solo dates has helped me get in tune with myself. They've helped me slow down and appreciate who I am and everyone/everything in my life.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with life or out of touch with yourself, I highly suggest taking yourself on a solo date. Do something that you love! Maybe start out committing to once a month if once a week seems like too much for your schedule. 

Are you a fan of solo dates?

xo, Jess

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  1. I love solo coffee dates as well :) I never used to do them before but I feel like I need them in my life recently!



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