My Happy List

I feel like I've done a post like this in the past, but hey, can you really ever write out too many happy lists? No? I didn't think so either!

These are just some things that make my heart happy. I could've kept going, but I figured I'd keep it short and sweet today (: I truly believe that having a thankful heart/grateful mentality is a game-changer.

1. Sleeping in and cuddling with my sweet husband
2. Getting completely lost in a book
3. Filling the house with candles on a rainy day
4. Riding bikes downtown with Adam
5. Getting As on exams after busting my butt studying
6. Froyo #TeamNoFruit
7. Watching my pups run full speed around the backyard
8. Lifting weights
9. Tacos + champagne (together and separate, ha!)
10. Cute graphic tees
11. Catch up dates with friends (especially if mimosas are involved)
12. Interior decorating. I love creating cozy spaces!
13. The color turquoise 
14. Tailgating at country concerts
15. Getting my hair washed and styled (because I hate doing it myself)
16. Organizing my planner
17. Getting fun mail (bills obviously do not count as fun)
18. Beach days with friends
19. Taking my first sip of coffee in the morning (bonus points if it's out of a cute mug)
20. Peanut butter (eating it and watching my dogs eat it)
21. Trying new restaurants
22. Exposed brick walls
23. When my husband brings me fresh flowers
24. Surprise weekday dates 
25. Monogramming any and everything

Tell me 3 things that are on your happy list! Let's spread some positivity today, friends (:
xo, Jess


  1. My list is pretty similar to yours but 1. the first sip of coffee in the morning, 2. when my stubborn pup climbs up to cuddle, 3. weekends away with my hubby are my top 3!

    Have a happy day!

  2. 1. Lifting weights 2. Treating myself to a fancy coffee (indulging and not counting macros) 3. At-home date night with a nice dinner and a new movie

  3. 1. Best friends at work, who make working more like fun everyday. 2. Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with cream and vanilla bean syrup. 3. Rock climbing with best friends.


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