Goodbye June, Hello July

Hello my sweet friends! Can you believe that July is upon us? June is on its way out and July is ready to take its place. 

Things I Got Out of June:
  • I managed to get As on all 3 exams that I've taken for my summer classes...3 more to go! I'm also feeling more confident in my decision to go back to school every day.
  • Adam + I got new bikes and we squeezed in lots of city bike rides (despite the RIDICULOUSLY hot weather).
  • I drank a lot of almond milk lattes (my new favorite) at cute, local coffee shops with some of my favorite people (my husband and my grandma, lol).
  • I got a brand new planner that I LOVE (more on that in an upcoming post).
  • Adam + I created our first "adult" budget and despite a few setbacks (mostly Buck's unexpected vet trip) we stuck to it.
  • I got an IUD put in - I know this might be TMI for some people but I would gladly do a post on it if anyone wants details (I mean why not...I did a post on my boob job a few years ago, lol)
  • I read a few books - I want to read more and I plan to once summer classes are over at the end of this month!
  • A new mentality - I know this sounds extreme but it's true. I've really been focusing on a few things: 1. Being present. 2. Saying positive affirmations and things I'm grateful for every day (out loud). 3. Choosing to have a good attitude despite circumstances. 4. Not letting anxiety/fear of the unknown drive me crazy.

One of our weekend bike rides on Bayshore:

Things I Plan to Get Out of July:
  • A lot of GRE studying done. I have to take it in August (again...groan).
  • Finishing up my summer classes (2 classes + a research assistant position) with As.
  • Like I mentioned before, lots of pleasure reading.
  • Basking in the sunshine since I have A WHOLE MONTH OFF OF SCHOOL (PRAISE).
  • Lots of lunch/dinner dates with girlfriends.
All in all, June was a month of mental growth for me. As I get older, I come to realize where I want to be in life, and I'm not afraid to do what I need to do to get there. Here's to July...I'm ready for ya!

xo, Jess


  1. Hey Jess! Yes please can you post about your IUD? Or at least tell me your experience? I've been on BC for too long and I think I need to switch things up.

    Have a great long weekend Hun!

  2. I would love to know about the IUD too.. I was interested in it before but they told me no because I haven't had kids ... ugh.. Sounds like you had a great June and even better July lined up!! Have a great weekend and stay safe

  3. Same here. I've been curious about IUD as well.

  4. Same here. I've been curious about IUD as well.


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