Don't Let the Universe Dampen Your Drive

You know that saying, "When it rains it pours?" Well, I don't like it. It puts such a negative spin on things if you think about it. It sets you up to expect the worst when a few things don't seem to be going right. What kind of attitude is that?

I'll admit, it's an easy attitude to fall into. A few little things go wrong - you spill your coffee, you're running a little bit late, you forget your lunch at home. Do these things suck? Yeah, sure. But why waste your energy harboring negativity over these trivial things ALL DAY LONG? Instead, accept that these things have happened, list off a few things that have gone right/that you are grateful for (I do this out loud - it really helps, I promise), smile, and move along with your day expecting good things.

Positive mind = you giving off positive vibes. You giving off positive vibes = you attracting positive vibes. It's science, people ;)

But really...you are stronger than the "bad" things that are happen to you. No matter how big or small those things are, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Fill your mind space with those positive things! Have a fierce attitude toward life - you are in control.

On a side note - can we talk about how it is almost JULY? AH! I'll be doing a June wrap up/Hello July post on Thursday so keep an eye out for that!

xo, Jess

P.S. That is Adam's hand holding my bracelet...I couldn't hold it steady enough to get the shot, lol

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