Book Club: Me Before You

So unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard of the book Me Before You because basically every girl ever has either A. Read it over the last month or B. Seen the movie version that just came out.

I want to go see the movie but I promised myself I would read the book first...little did I know I would devour the book in 3 days (which with my limited free time is fast). I guess that kind of tips you off that I sorrrrrrta loved it.

Book: Me Before You
Author: Jojo Moyes
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: 9/10
Review: Ugh where do I even start? To be honest, I read this book because  I saw everyone and their mom posting about it. I love reading so I figured, "Eh it seems like a quick/easy read so might as well." Aka I didn't have super high expectations. I anticipated a Nicholas Sparks-esque type read. This was so much more. The biggest thing that stood out to me was Jojo Moyes' talent as a writer. She has a gift of eloquently piecing sentences together; sentences that make you forget the world around you and have tunnel vision for the story at hand. It's definitely not your typical romance novel.  Louisa "Lou" Clark is a 20-something struggling to find her place in life. She is complacent and ordinary. She ends up taking a job as a caregiver for a quadriplegic named Will and her world is flipped upside-down. I'll stop here because you HAVE to read it yourself. 
Recommend? Yes yes yes. But prepare to cry your eyes out.

Have you seen the movie? I'm prepared to bring an entire box of tissues when I do have time to go see it! I just started reading the sequel After You so I'll let y'all know how I like it once I'm finished :)

xo, Jess



  1. ahh so excited!! I am going to go out and buy it now!!

  2. I just bought this to read for same reason as you!
    Thank you for your review, now I'm not feeling so skeptical. :)

  3. Read the book in about 2 days and now just saw the movie! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Now I'm on to the sequel!


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