Why I Love My Morning Routine

There are 2 types of people in this world - people who live/die by their morning routines and people who, well....don't.

I for one am ALLLLL about my morning routine. I'm not the type of person who can roll out of bed, grab a to-go cup of coffee, and head out the door. I like to ease into things, enjoy the morning, set my tone for the day.

So what does my morning routine look like?

Something like this:
  • Wake up around 6:30-6:45 and head to let the dogs out and feed them
  • Take all of my vitamins and make my (first) cup of coffee
  • Go into my office and spend 20-30 minutes reading and journaling
  • Greet my sweet husband good morning
It's super simple but it really helps me start the day with thankfulness + positive vibes. Even on the days that have I have to be out the door by 6:50 am, I wake up at 5:30 so that I have time to sit down and enjoy my coffee and mentally prepare for the day rather than rushing out the door. 

If you've never adopted a morning routine (even if it's only 5-10 minutes) I highly suggest it. It's a breath of fresh air to get your thoughts straight and really understand just how much you have to be thankful for each morning. It really puts things in perspective and makes the days that much better!

Do you have a morning routine? Share!
xo, Jess



  1. On my days off, I like to get up when my husband gets up (and it forces me to get out of bed, otherwise I would sleep till 10 am LOL), make a pot of coffee, and start doing laundry or the dishwasher as a jumpstart. Once I'm up and moving, I don't want to slow down!

    1. I feel the same way! Once I do get going there is no stopping me...haha!
      Happy weekend :)

  2. Since I have a new baby, I don't have a real routine in the morning anymore, but some things have stayed the same.

    I wash my face and brush my teeth... and the first thing I do after that is drink a big glass of water. Somehow that always makes it feel like I can start the day!

    1. Hey, you're making personal hygiene a priority and I'd call that a win! Congrats on your new baby :)

  3. I'm like you, I have a morning routine and if I stray from it, I'm always late or hurried.

    Don't you love the Scout book? He's a friend of mine's dog. :) The boy had some serious health scares a couple of months ago but happy to report he's on the mend. :)

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend! :)

    1. I ADORE Scout! I've been following him and his owner on Instagram for 3-4 years now :) I actually bought one of the Scout t-shirts (with the donuts on his head) to help with funding for his medical issues...I'm so glad that he is on the mend :) Crazy that you're friends with his owner - small world!

  4. I have a morning and a night time routine that I live by, even on my late nights I still stick with it, the morning helps me gear up for the day and the night helps me wind down, I love it!


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