Summertime To-Do's

Tomorrow is JUNE...say what? When I think June I think summer (okay to be honest I think summer in April because that's when it starts to get deathly hot here in Florida but that's not the point).

Every season I make a bucket list...I thought it would be fun to share my summer bucket list with 
y'all so that you can 1. get some ideas for yours and 2. share some ideas for me to add to mine :)

Summertime To-Do's:
  • Have a picnic on the beach (like a real picnic - basket, checkered blanket, the works)
  • Go fishing in The Keys
  • Watch the sunrise on the east coast then drive to the west coast to watch the sunset in the same day 
  • Take the GRE (not EVERYTHING can be fun, right?)
  • Go tubing down the river
  • Take an out of state trip
  • Successfully complete 1 DIY project
  • Have a cookout for 4th of July (American flag bikini must be worn)
  • Buy one new, cute monogram something
  • Spend a few days mentally relaxing before fall classes begin

So tell me...what are your summer plans? I'd love to hear!
xo, Jess


  1. Fabulous list! :) Also for a hot second when I read "watch the sunrise on the east coast and then drive to west to watch the sunset." I thought....Jeez that's very doable Jess. It takes a long ass time to drive to the West coast of US. Then I realized you meant of Florida and I was like...ohhhh DUH..yeah that's totally doable! lol

    I especially like the "real picnic" idea! That would be fun anywhere!

  2. Taking the GRE sounds like the most fun on this list! Said no one ever. Merp.
    On this list should be a double date with me ;) or just a froyo date. Okay great byeeeee.

  3. I love this list especially the picnic on the beach!

    My bucket list includes:
    1. Attend at least one outdoor music festival (August 6-7th)
    2. Attend a Movie on the Hill, an outdoor moving showing every week in our city
    3. Attend a good truck rally
    4. Host a Favorite things party!
    5. Take a vacation to somewhere historic and take in the history


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