Book Club: The Girl's Series Review

So I survived my first semester of speech classes - ah! I can't believe how quickly the semester flew by. My goal was to finish with all As and guys, guess what? I DID IT! I haven't made straight As since high school, so it's a great feeling to be working hard for something and watching my goals come to life :) #gradschoolorbust

BUT today I'm back with another book review...I know that I just posted one but what can I say? If I have free time, it's typically spent with my nose in a book. I especially love series - I get so attached to the characters and their stories. I stumbled upon this series after hearing the author on a podcast (which does anyone else LOVE podcasts lately?) a few weeks ago.

Book(s): The series is called "The Girl's Series" and it is made up of 3 books (plus one novella that I didn't read). Book #1: Party Girl Book #2: Sweet Girl Book #3: Smart Girl
Author: Rachel Hollis
Genre: Chick-Lit 
Series Rating: 7/10
Review: These books are very quick/easy reads - which was perfect during finals/coming out of finals. I would consider this series a "mindless read" - which is what I call books that you can read while other things are going on around you, while still comprehending what's happening in the story. These books take you through the lives/careers of three 20-something girls (who end up becoming best friends). I would say that Party Girl was my favorite, followed by Sweet Girl, and then Smart Girl. Getting to know the 3 girls is so fun - I found that I was able to relate to all 3 of them in different ways. Even though they're all besties, they are all so different from one another. Each girl's story really focuses on her career and love life and they all have "cool jobs" so it's fun to follow their daily lives. You don't have to read them all (or in order) to understand what's going on, but I think it makes the stories more interesting if you read them all in order. Little pieces from each girl's story overlaps into the other two so it just ties everything together nicely if you read them in order. Overall, these were really fun reads - perfect for summertime!
Recommend? If you're looking for an easy read (like something to read on the beach for example) then I would totally recommend this series. If you're seeking a read that is a little bit more substantial then I would consider picking up something different. 

What are you reading right now? Share!
xo, Jess 


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