Be the Person Who Gives Others the Warm Fuzzies

You know what's easy? Complaining. Ungratefulness. And just being a Debbie Downer in general.
You know what's also exhausting? See above.

Shifting your mentality to a positive state, even over the littlest, tiniest, things can make such a huge difference in your overall attitude and how your days go (and the days of those around you...helloooo).

I used to be a Debbie Downer. I would pick and pick and find things to complain about. I basically had a scowl permanently painted on my face...furrowed brow and all.

Then one day I realized 1. how unhappy I was 2. how unhappy I was making people around me and 3. how freaking good I have it and how I needed to stop being a little brat and finding things to complain about. Ya feel me?

Joy is so powerful. If you wake up and intentionally fill up with joy, your days (even Mondays, guys!) will be so much brighter and more fulfilling. You will be a light to those around you.

You know those kind of people that I'm talking about right? The people who are genuinely happy - their attitudes are so contagious and they just give you the warm fuzzies inside. Don't you want to be someone who is giving others the warm fuzzies?! 

Your attitude attracts people. What kind of people do you want to attract? The vibes you give off can either make your days great or make them unbearable.

Just a little encouragement...find joy and cling to it :)

xo, Jess


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  1. Preach it sister!! I listened to a message earlier this week that told us to LOVE yourself before you try to have others love you. The best thing you can do is throw a party for yourself, and celebrate the journey (not just the end goal!).

    Cheers to loving ourselves just a little bit more each and every day!

    xo, Bev


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