The Importance of Creating a Cozy Space

Hey y'all! Just stopping in to give you my little spiel on creating a comfy space. I've probably driven Adam crazy using the words "homey" and "cozy" since we've moved in together after getting married. I am OBSESSED with creating a comfy space. I think it breeds creativity, productivity and positive moods.

I like to keep our living space rustic, making sure to keep the super feminine details to a minimum so that Adam feels like it's his home, too. Clearly I like natural colors and wood textures.

We don't have a very big decor budget, but I've found a lot of these pieces at craft shows, Etsy shops, and lucky for me...Adam is pretty handy and actually built the shelves hanging on the wall.

Right now we're renting a small house, but we're hoping to take the leap and buy our first home once I've started grad school (fingers crossed that will be in August 2017). I used to think that it wasn't important for me to make our rental home "ours" since well..it's not, haha! But we've been here for almost 2 years (and will probably be here for another 1-2) so I've finally taken it upon myself to try to make our home ours.

Do you think it's important to make your house a home? 

xo, Jess


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  1. Yes, I totally agree with you. My husband and I bought our first home, a half-duplex, in February of this year! We recently made the decision to move back to our favourite province, British Columbia, in 5 years. That means we need to finish all renovations before then, and save up all our money. It's hard now to find ways to decorate and such, knowing that this house may be ours right now, but it really won't be in a couple years. Have to renovate our home to how we would sell it, rather than our real taste and how the house would work for us. It's frustrating, but exciting...I love your rustic theme!


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