November at a Glance

Helloooo my sweet friends :)

Another month come and gone. Like...what? I'm not complaining, though, because November was filled with fun (and a little bit of craziness) and I know December will be even better (can you say WINTER BREAK *insert hallelujah hands emoji right here*).

Here is my November at a glance:

We went to see Zac Brown Band for Adam's birthday! This was in mid-November and yes, it is STILL warm enough to wear shorts. And NO I am not happy about it.

Speaking of birthdays...my sweet (read: wild) boy, Harley, turned 1! He is SO different from Buck. Buck is calm, cool, and collected and Harley...well Harley is hyper and the poor boy doesn't realize how big he is and just doesn't have that mind/body control connection thing down quite yet...I still love him to pieces though!

And while we're talking about pups, I'm sad to say that we lost our family dog, Majesty, this month. He was 12 years old and such a loving dog. I really just need to dedicate an entire post to my love for dogs because guys...IT IS REAL. We miss Maj every day but we know that he is in a better place now, running in mud holes with his sister and breathing easy. RIP my sweet Majesty.

It was cool enough to wear boots for a whole 2 days and you better believe that I took full advantage of that.

My bestie had her baby shower! It's SO crazy to me that I'm at the age now where my friends are having babies...intentionally. Still having trouble letting that one sink in. Can't wait to meet the sweet babe though :) (Despite my cup saying that it's a boy...that's unknown. She's waiting to find out the gender until the day the baby is born. We all had to guess what we thought at the shower!)

I experienced my first "fancy" coffee. And by fancy I mean that there was a design in the foam. I know, my elegance is astounding.

And of course the day after Thanksgiving, Adam and I busted out the Christmas decor...YAY! Can you believe that I didn't take one single picture on Thanksgiving? We had family in from Colorado and had a big family get-together and I was so busy catching up with everyone and just soaking in the family time, that I didn't even pull my phone out of my purse!

It's finals week for me now...I took my physics final and statistics final today. I have 4 more to go this week. I'll be done (and HOME FREEEE...well until January) on Saturday. And you better believe I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing productive during my winter break because this girl needs some good R&R on the real (okay I say that but I am the worst at relaxing...like the worst).

Anyway, just thought I would do a quick November update since tomorrow we will be graced by December :)

xo, Jess


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  1. Good luck on the rest of your exams Hun!

    Majesty was beautiful. Her ears make me swoon. She looks pittie, yes? I'm so sorry for your loss Hun. I know how you're feeling... I wished they lived forever, you know?

    Take care and good luck again! :)


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