For the Days You Feel Like a Crazy Person

I try to wake up with an optimistic attitude every day (after I have my coffee of course). It keeps me happy + sane (Adam too, I'm sure) and actually helps me stay more productive. Even though my schedule is jam-packed I remind myself that I chose this path. I remind myself that I'm thankful that I'm back in school. But to say that every day is all rainbows + butterflies is just a load of crap.

So this is for the days that I feel like a crazy person...

You can do this. On the days that you doubt yourself and question the path that you've chosen remember why you chose it. Get yourself another cup of coffee in your favorite mug, step outside and breathe in a nice breath of fresh air (I mean really what better way to calm down than fresh air + coffee?). When you feel overwhelmed and unsure if you can make it through the day, stop what you're doing and go give your husband a big hug. Remember that some days taking mental breaks are more beneficial than plowing through yet another night of endless studying. Remember that you are capable. You are smart. You CAN do this. Keep the end goal in mind. You've got this, girlfriend.

Oh and rest assured, you're not the only one who feels like a crazy person some days ;)

xo, Jess



  1. Can I just tell you that you are a fantastic motivator! If I'm every feeling down or just need a few encouraging words, I know exactly where to go! :) THANKS girlie! :) Miss you!

  2. I found you on your glisten fit blog but I'm loving reading this blog. You are such an inspiration on a fitness level and a personal level! Thanks for letting us in on a glimpse of your life and for sharing all of your positiveity!


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