The Struggles of Being a Fall-Loving Basic White Girl Living in Florida

You guys. I love fall. Well I should say, I love the idea of fall. What basic white girl doesn't, am I right? I mean all of the pumpkin everything, apple spice scented candles...but wait, my list KIND OF stops there. Why?

Because I live in Florida.

Where it's still 90+ degrees outside most days. Where if I dare pull out my leggings and boots I will have sweaty calves before lunchtime. And where there are no changing of leaves for me to use as an Instagram backdrop for my PSL (gasp...the horror, I know).

BUT I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to make Florida feel as fall-esque as I can though:

- Blasting my A/C so I can wear my leggings and oversized sweaters without passing out (in the house at least...)

- Baking pumpkin muffins and drinking pumpkin coffee all day, every day

- Lighting fall-scented candles around my house to accompany my gold/glittered pumpkins (see them up there? Aren't they so cute? 50% off at Joann's...YAAAS. Also that adorable mug is from Target)

- I still plan on hitting up a local pumpkin patch - I will just be wearing jean shorts and sandals in place of leggings and boots. You better believe I'll still be rocking a flannel though. Sweaty pits and all.

- Wine-colored manis + dark lips = heart eyes

So I'll just be over pretending that it's fall and patiently waiting for November/December/January when I can finally break out my leggings and boots. 

xo, Jess



  1. I'll be happy to send all of my Wisconsin fall your way! we've already had frost and temps overnight are in the 30's!

  2. Ugh I feel you! Los Angeles and I are not getting along right now. It was still 99 at one point last week!

  3. Girl, get you some SEASONS! ;) Also, welcome back. Missed you. Love you!

  4. I was cold this morning... I instantly wished it was warm again. WE ALWAYS WANT WHAT WE CANT HAVE. Also I'm sending you a delicious fall recipe!

  5. First, as much as I love following you on Glisten Fit, I'm so happy you're back in lifestyle blog land again! And girl, the struggle is real, California is just as bad right now. It got in the 80's this week and I got excited cause that was more towards "Fall weather" haha.


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