Whirlwind and a Recipe

Hi my lovely readers! WOW. Life has been a whirlwind lately :) But in the best way! Adam & I applied to rent a house that is UNDER our budget (praise the Lord) and will find out this week if we become the new tenants. I've been focusing a TON of my attention on Glisten and getting the new blog up and going. I'm also starting my boot camps on January 21 for local people. Plus wedding planning and working my other job. You can say I kinda forgot what free time is...but I know it'll all be worth it and I'm loving the fact that I'm living my dreams out. So no complaints here!

I wanted to let y'all know that I shared a yummy strawberry sorbet recipe over on the Glisten blog this morning. I didn't want you to miss out!


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I love reading your encouraging words :)
Seriously...every comment makes my day a little brighter!
SO THANK YOU for being wonderful!

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