Make Time for Joy

This time of year it's easy to let time slip away from us. Most of us are running around like crazies trying to gather everything for Christmas and New Years. We spend endless evenings fighting the frenzied crowds in stores and even more time battling the evil holiday traffic. In my post yesterday I mentioned that I have quite a full plate right now. I'm very type A (surprise!) so I tend to want to plan, overplan, and replan every. little. detail.

Enter...my wonderful, gracious fiancé, Adam.

Adam, on the other hand, is the kind of guy who lets planning kind of take care of itself. Things get done when they need to be done. He would rather spend his time with his friends, laughing and enjoying their company or fishing, or shooting guns than writing and rewriting a to-do list (wait, who said I re-write my lists...). Adam knows what he loves to do. And get this...he actually makes time to do those things. What a concept, huh?

I really admire him for that.

He has been so helpful and encouraging while I've had such full plate. He reminds me to take breaks. To spend time with my friends. He reminds me that my lists will still be there the next day after a night out.

I just want to encourage y'all to really MAKE the time to do some things that you enjoy this season. Make the time to spend with your loved ones. Don't let your time slip away because you're so concerned with checking items off of your to-do list. I promise that list isn't going anywhere ;)



  1. I am sure that he is so thankful for the qualities in you that keep him on track too. My husband is definitely the calm to my storm. He makes me slow down, reevaluate, and relax. I have to remember to enjoy that slow time with him for sure.

  2. Same here! I love to plan things out and write things down, and sometimes I feel like it's taking over my life. My husband's the opposite and I'm thankful to have him in my life, because he knows when it's time to get away from the planning and just relax.

    Reading your blog really encourages me, and this post is definitely one of them.

    Congrats on your engagement!


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