High Five for Friday

As usual, I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday :) I'm tempted to go back and count how many H54F posts I've done...I bet it's a ton! Anyway, here are 5 highlights from my week:

one. Adam & I applied for our passports this week. We don't know where we're going for our honeymoon yet, but we know it's gonna be awesome, and now we will legally be able to leave the country if we need to, ha! A lot of people on Instagram asked me if we were allowed to smile in passport photos here in Florida. I guess we are, because the lady who took the picture didn't tell me not to...

two. Look at my sweet boys. Oh my gosh, melt my heart. I can't wait until after the wedding and I get to cuddle with them every night! Adam sent me this picture the other night when he got home...I think he awoke Buck from his slumber by the look on his face ;)

three. Adam & I wanted to go see a drive-in Christmas movie, but no drive-ins near us were playing any Christmas movies. SO we made our own drive-in in the back of his truck! It was so much fun. We bought hot chocolate and laid blankets and pillows in the truck bed. We snuggled together and watched Fred Claus (super cute movie) under the stars. I treasure little moments like that!

four. I was feeling sassy on Thursday so I decided to wear red lipstick. I'm digging the look.

five. And last but not least. Eeeek! Okay so that curveball that was thrown at me earlier this week that I asked y'all to pray for me about: I was working out on Monday with one of my besties at the gym that I just joined (she joined right after I did). While I was coaching us through our ab circuit, the director of personal training came over to us. I was nervous that he was going to scold me for training someone in his gym (which I wasn't charging her and I was doing the workout, too so I was about to be like NO if that's what he wanted). NOPE. He came over to offer me a JOB. YES, A JOB. As his assistant...aka the assistant director of personal training....SAY WHAT?! This happened Monday and last night I met up with him and accepted the offer. I will be working full time training people starting December 16th :) Oh my gosh, y'all this is crazy! Right when I launch Glisten and God throws this my way...He is so awesome. Since I accepted the job, I decided that I'm going to have to back off of Glisten for now. But I am so pumped about all of the great experience I am going to get in the fitness industry from this opportunity!

So that's my week in a nutshell! Enjoy the weekend, lovelies!




  1. SO GLAD THAT YOU ACCEPTED THE JOB!!!!! This is perfect for you!! Glisten is a wonderful idea, so don't forget about it ;)

  2. Congrats on the job offer! You look great in red lipstick and should wear it more often. :) I'm stopping by from the link up. Have a great weekend! *erica*

  3. Ummm, so jelly faced right now that you get to wear a tank top in December. I mean, I love sweater weather too, but today froze my tushy off and temporarily have a change of heart ;)

  4. {Visiting from Lauren's H54F} L-O-V-E that you created your own drive-in to watch a Christmas movie!! so fun! :D Congrats on your job offer & your decision to accept! Exciting stuff!! Have a lovely weekend :*)

  5. Congrats on the job offer! Sounds like a great week :)
    Visiting from High Five for Friday link up!

    xo, tasha
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  6. Woah, congratulations on the job! That is awesome :) sounds like the perfect job for you! Your drive in movie looks awesome, as does your red lipstick! Rocking the look! :)


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