Don't Forget to Breathe

To say that life lately has been a whirlwind is an understatement. As many of you know, I am an extremely type A person. Lists, schedules, organization, and knowing what is going on equals my happy place. I don't have a ton of patience (working on it) when it comes to waiting to see what the future holds. I like to be prepared for what's to come. 

I'm currently working at my family's business, planning a wedding, looking for a house to rent, keeping up with this blog, getting Glisten up and running, and still trying to have somewhat of a social life. It's a lot. But I'm not complaining. I'm thankful for all that is going on. 

I thought I knew what my future held as far as job-wise. I had it planned out, packaged up with a cute little bow on it...or so I thought. Something happened last night that I would consider a curveball. It's nothing bad! Just another opportunity that presented itself that is forcing me to make quick decisions and rethink some things. 

Usually this kind of thing really overwhelms me. But so far so good. I've been praying about it. Talking with my friends & family about it. And remembering to breathe. 

If you think about it today, could you just send a prayer/good thoughts? I want to be at peace. I want to have clarity. I want to do what's best for mine & Adam's future. Thanks y'all :)

And remember...no matter how chaotic life seems to be, don't forget to breathe, okay?



  1. Whatever is going on, put it in the Lord's hands! Good luck, girl! :) I know you will make the right decision though!

  2. Good reminder! Are you still doing your teacher training as well?

  3. I struggle with the same thing... I'm such a control freak - I always pray for God to work on my Type A-ness. He does... and lucky for me he works on me slowly... rather than completely flipping my world upside down. When I'm overwhelmed with things I can't control in life, I like to sit back and thank God for all of the amazing blessings that He has given me. It'll work, promise :)

  4. Good luck, I'm praying for you and in the end, GO WITH YOUR GUT, usually it knows best!

  5. Good luck with making a choice! Sending a million good thoughts your way :)


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