Sweating for the Wedding Week 2 Update

In last week's Sweating for the Wedding post, I shared a recipe for a "Clean Out, Tighten Up" concoction that I've been drinking twice a day. I told y'all that I would report back this week with how it's working for me. So the verdict: It's awesome! I've had more energy, my stomach feels tighter, and I'm more...ahem, regular, if you catch my drift. My Grandma has been drinking it with me, too and she feels the same way that I do. So...try it!

Moving on to my Sweating for the Wedding progress.

I feel like last week I really leaned out and this week you can start to see a little more definition in my abs. I'll be back at my goal in no time if I keep going strong like this!

Good news! My new iPhone came in this weekend, so my update pictures will look 100 times less crappy from now on ;)

Anyway, I'm feeling even better than I was last week! I've really made sure to steer clear from eating out too often, and I've combated quite a few snack attacks by making sure to eats lots of lean protein and veggies throughout the day. Oh and of course, drinking a lot of water (75-90 ounces per day).

My workouts looked like this last week:

Monday: 50 dead lifts, 50 squats, 20 minute leg circuit, 20 minute booty circuit
Tuesday: 30 minute HIIT routine, 20 minute core circuit
Wednesday: 30 minute full body circuit, 50 squats, 50 dead lifts, 50 lunges
Thursday: 15 minute arm circuit, 2-15 minute booty circuits, 20 minute HIIT routine
Friday: 30 minute HIIT routine, 20 minute ab circuit, 50 squats, 50 dead lifts, 50 squats
Saturday: Pranced around in heels all day as I performed my bridesmaids duties for one of my good friend's wedding!
Sunday: 20 minute full body circuit, 50 dead lifts, 50 squats, 50 lunges

I sat down last night and planned out my workouts for this week, too. Seriously, pre-planning my workout schedule and actually writing it down in my planner on Sunday nights makes such a difference for me. I don't know about you, but if something is in my planner, it WILL get done. I guess it's the type A in me ;) But really, if you're struggling with being consistent with your workouts, try planning them out a week in advance. Then you don't have to think about what you're going to do each day, instead you just DO IT.

Last thing, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures from the wedding that I was in on Saturday! My friend, Kellie, got married and it was such a fun/emotional day. She is the first person my age to get married that I'm actually close to...she was my very first roommate (along with another girl). We met when we were like 16 and now here I am as her bridesmaid...eeek :)

Isn't she such a beautiful bride?! So happy for her and her new husband :) Only 165 days until I'm a bride...say what?!



  1. Okay, for real making that little concoction this week!! Gorgeous bride!

  2. I guess I should be sweating for your wedding too!
    I LOVE YOUR DRESS for the wedding it is SO freaking flattering!

  3. How are you even walking?? I can't walk right for 5 days after a leg day! You have like 4 a week!

  4. planning workouts makes a HUGE difference. I find when I do, I get in a better more successful workout, rather than if I just wing it. As I work out at home...no gym.
    Love that you keep trackin a planner and are taking progress pics :)

  5. You are looking GOOD girl! As usual, haha! Just curious, what workouts do you do?? Like the circuit ones...are they videos or do you just know them? I just cancelled the gym and I'm trying to do home work outs. I have some equipment, but I'm not exactly sure what to do!


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