GLISTEN IS LIVE :) Check it out here!




  1. Good for you! It looks AMAZING! Way to be so motivating pushing for and living out your dreams! :)

  2. So excited for this new chapter of yours! I'm so proud of all that you're accomplishing and I know you're going to continue to do amazing work!! XOXO Marissa

  3. Congratulations on Glisten's launch! I'm so excited for you!

  4. How exciting!!! love the website :)

  5. awesome! i've been waiting so patiently for this to happen. can't wait to get into it (: congrats, girl.

  6. CONGRATS!!! I just went to the website and watched the video. I'm very proud of you and I know it's been a long journey getting here.

    You inspired me to get fit...and now I'm in the best shape of my life! Next on the list is to get some Jessica abs :)

  7. So excited for you! And us :) I sat in the parking lot of my sons preschool watching the video before I had to go in and get him. Can't wait to see what more you have to share!

  8. AAHHHH!!!!!!!! Can't contain my excitement for you!!!! CONGRATS!

  9. AWW! This looks really awesome. It's a gorgeous looking site & i'm excited to see what's to come!! :)

  10. YOU GO, GIRL! It looks great!!

  11. Hey Jessica, I just wanted to let you know that I think the comments section on your new blog is broken (unless I'm retarded, haha). I tried to leave a comment on your smoothie post, and I only have a "comments" box to fill out, yet when I submit it, I receive an error asking me to fill out the "name" and "email" fields, which I don't have the option to fill out. I wanted to let you know so you can fix it if something is broken, so that you can get all the wonderful comments I'm sure people are trying to leave!

    My comment about the smoothie was this:

    I can't wait to try this smoothie; it looks delicious! I think there might be a link missing for the protein powder you use. (I'd love to know what kind.) And btw, I LOVE this new blog. The theme is freaking amazing and it's SO cute!! I'm a huge fan of both blogs (from Arizona)! <3 Bri

  12. Yeah yeah yeah!!! *fist pump* I know I'm a little late on the congrats, but I'm just now catching up on my blog feed. And I saw the launch on Instagram already - so exciting!!


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