Remember When I Used to Stop and Smell the Roses?

Well...it's baaaaaack ;) When I started blogging, I used to do a thing called "Smell the Roses." It basically goes like this: I come up with a task each week. Before the week is up, I complete the task and then blog about it and announce the next task.

The best part is that the tasks aren't meant to take too much time, they're just quick, fun things that help me to slow down and appreciate a moment, which I should be doing way more often. They remind me to appreciate the NOW.

I'm not going to be making this a link up like I used to, but feel free to complete the Smell the Roses tasks with me if you want :) You can even Instagram about it using the hashtag #smelltherosesLLT.

My Smell the Roses task for this week is:

Write a positive note and leave in somewhere for a stranger to find.

See...simple, right? I hope y'all are excited for the return of Smell the Roses :) Check back next Tuesday to see my note and where I left it!




  1. This is why you're my favorite :) Consider this done!!

  2. So excited for this weeks Stop and Smell the Roses task! Is there a hashtag #stopandsmelltheroses perhaps :)!


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