"Oh...DUH" Moment

If you've been reading for awhile, you know that I am quite the type-A person. I like to plan out every aspect of my life, and I semi-freak out if things don't go according to my plan. I tend to have these "Oh...DUH" moments when I come down from my type-A ways and remember that it's not about me.

Allow me to explain:

The other day, during my quiet time, I was questioning God about why my life is the way that it is. I thought that by the age of 23, I would have started my forever career and that things would be falling perfectly into place. I was confused and frustrated. I have a lot of passions but can't seem to find my purpose.

I strive to live a life that spreads who Jesus is to others through my actions.
I try to love people despite their flaws.
I try to be patient with people who drive me crazy.
I try, I try, I try.

I started noticing a trend...


Then Jesus shared a little something with me:

Yep. Not like we've never heard that before right? But for some reason, hearing it this time really resonated with me. I need to stop trying to strive to be like Him on my own. I need to stop trying to figure out His exact plan for me. Instead, that time needs to be spent praising my Savior. Getting to know Him better. Deeper.

By doing this, all that other stuff will fall into place...I will be more like Him, because I'll know his heart. My future will unfold just as it should, when it should, because I am spending all of my energy seeking Him.

So here's to MORE OF HIM and less of me.




  1. this was exactly what I needed to be reminded of this week, thanks.

  2. So very, very true. It's amazing that no matter how many times you hear it, it's still true and it's still needed. Applying it is always a work in progress.

  3. This is very encouraging! Thank you! Also, I have a picture in my head of exactly how I think your wedding dress is going to look. :) I had the picture in my head before you said ivory and lace. I can't wait to see it! So happy for you and Adam!


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