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Do you ever have that feeling that your wheels are spinning but you're just not going anywhere? I've felt that way for the last week or two. It seems like I have tons of ideas, but just can't get into gear to make them happen. Maybe because I'm planning a wedding, working, and going to school, but I don't think those should be excuses to give up on everything else. I've got to start managing my time better and being smarter with what I put my energy toward.

It's really easy for me to get caught up in my daily to-list. I sometimes trick myself into thinking that I'm being productive by completing things on my list, but honestly, some of the tasks on my list should just be DONE and not written on a to-do list, if that makes sense.

This weekend I really want to zone in on a few things that I've been wanting to get done and actually DO them. Not plan on how or when I'm gonna do them but actually start. Because things don't get done unless you start them...crazy concept isn't it? No more holding ideas captive in my mind.

And another thing I'm working on...paying attention to my happy list :) I have a lot going on right now, and part of keeping myself from getting in a rut is to make time to do things for ME.

What kind of things are on your happy list? Happy Friday...enjoy the weekend, y'all :)



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  1. It's amazing what getting ready in the morning can do to your attitude and how you feel for the day. I used to work at a pharmacy and was required to wear scrubs, so while I couldn't put on pretty clothes I had to force myself to put makeup on and do my hair. Even those small things makes a difference in how good you feel!


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